Nation Wide Sound DJ Competition 2021

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The Nation Wide Sound DJ Competition
at Seminole Theatre 18 N. Krome Avenue, Homestead, FL 33030



The Nation Wide Sound DJ Competition is about showcasing disk jockeys and their skills of mixing, scratching and so much more, while performing on the clock and under pressure. Each DJ can choose their own weapons of battle for 8 minutes of talent to prove why they should win the competition. Join the NWSDJ’s team on Saturday November 13, 2021 as registered DJ’s compete. The year of 2020 was an opportunity for practicing DJs to perfect and master their skill and show off on social media channels, but the result may not be the same in person. Some DJs come from a long line of vinyl records, compact disks, and now computers. The stage is where ego’s are tested and skill is applied with the famous quote as to “put your money where your mouth is”. This is an opportunity where real DJs are exposed and fake DJs don’t register to compete. Three judges are DJ GIO, DJ TURY, DJ INFINITE, will be judging the DJ’s on use of battle tools, Transitions, Audience interaction, Music selection, Creativity & Diversity, The prizes for the competition will be determined by current sponsors . 1st Place $1000.00, 2nd place, $500.00 and third place $250.00 with additional consolation prizes that have yet to be determined.

LOCATION 18 N Krome Ave, Homestead, FL 33030


We hope to see all of you for this incredible event till then God bless and stay safe.


As specialists in the entertainment industry, Nation Wide Sound DJ’s is the dependable resource you can count on to handle all your event in Dade, Broward & Monroe Counties. We have been serving the south Florida area since 1989 from house parties to stages at the American Cancer society walkathons. We are the affordable experts skilled in a wide range of high-fidelity stereo systems, concert production, lighting and pretty much anything in the entertainment industry. If your event needs a qualified professional, our entertainers are the trained to accomplish almost any goal required for a successful event. Home based in Homestead and spinning at Super wheels skating center is where you will find DJ 2RO. DJ Tury on the other hand travels all over providing services for celebrity events. DJ Gio is the banquette hall specialist but that doesn’t hold him back from rocking the stages at local events like the Coconut Grove Arts festival and then some. DJ Infinite is the old man that snaps his fingers to glue together some of the best night club contracts Djs can only dream of. For more information check out the website at NWSDJS.COM There would be more to write here but we think you know enough for now.

DJ’s that wish to compete in the NWSDJS 2021 DJ competition must fill out the following form.  DJs are permitted to bring their own consoles or controllers if they wish.  Each DJ will perform any style of mixing they wish for a maximum of 8 minutes.  The DJs performance will be judged on the following criteria.

NWSDJS will provide a set of TECHNIQUE 1210 mk2 with a Numark scratch mixer,  & a set of Numark V7’s with an American Audio 14MKR & Rane 72 MKII mixer with Rane MKII turntables,  2 Pioneer Controllers.



There must be a base minimum of 10 disk jockeys to preform live on stage in order to receive the full amount of the cash prize money which is $1000.00 for First place , $500.00 for Second Place and $250.00 Dollars for 3rd Place. If the base minimum of 10 disk jockeys don’t perfom than the total amount of cash prizes will be pro rated to the total amount under 10 at a reduction rate to be determined at the time by the total turn out of competitors.  This discloser has been placed in red ink so you understand that even though you bring the best of the best of your skills that the $20.00 registration fee has been waved due to this disclosure. This discloser is relevant to all participating disk jockeys.


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