Our community is facing an unprecedented challenge. We are in uncharted waters as we confront not only a public health crisis but an economic one that is causing deep pain for our families.
And as we watch the number of coronavirus cases grow exponentially, and continue to learn from the experiences of other countries, cities and states, we are not yet taking the extreme measures needed to protect our community. Instead, we have a piecemeal response as cities across the County begin to act on their own.
We believe that County leadership must take several immediate steps to proactively respond and prepare our community. That’s why this week I sent Mayor Gimenez a letter requesting several urgent actions, including:
  • Implementing shelter-in-place countywide – the only measure advised by medical experts to cope with this crisis
  • Moving to Emergency Operations level 1 activation in line with the state and federal government
  • Coordinating a county medical response and supply inventory
  • Rapidly expanding drive-through testing
  • Coordinating a response to the economic crisis engulfing our families.
We appreciate the Mayor’s work to increase drive-through testing and create temporary shelter along with other emergency responses. However, he has stated that a shelter-in-place order and Emergency Operations Level 1 are not needed. I strongly disagree and will continue to call for these measures, which include no gatherings outside households and no business operations of any kind other than essentials (food, banking, pharmacy and medical).